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Gelassenheit Publications is an independent publisher  focusing on scholarly, literary and practical resources in Anabaptist and Mennonite Studies, eco-spirituality and education.

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North Wind Man, a co-authored memoir
by Clarence Cachagee and Seth Ratzlaff

A Cree visionary leader’s journey from a Mennonite foster home through addiction, prison and homelessness to reconnecting with Indigenous culture and finding his voice.

Release date: January 2023


To Antoine, a novel
by E. J. Wiens

Peter Enns, facing judgement as a Nazi war criminal in Canada, relives his childhood and youth in a Mennonite village during the Stalinist terrors, then his early manhood among genocidal Nazis, his decade-long sojourn among refugees in the Paraguayan Chaco, and finally his troubled success as a father and teacher in Canada. While he awaits his fate he struggles with his judgement upon himself, haunted by looming figures from his Mennonite past, by memories of his lost loves in war-torn Europe, by past encounters with a Guarani friend in Paraguay and an unlikely affinity with his Jewish friend in Canada, and by his strained relations with his daughter. And above all, by the shrouded presence of Antoine, his mentor and idol during his youth and early manhood.

Marble Surface

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dissensio reformans series

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A series of historical texts in translation, including late mediaeval, early modern and modern sources of radical thought.

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