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by Gary Harder

What do Bible stories like the Garden of Eden, Ruth, King David, or the Song of Songs tell us about sex? How do we learn from them while our modern contexts and questions change around us?


In Preaching Sex, Gary Harder reflects on what has been taught by church and society about sexuality. He shares 17 of his sermons, reflections, and other resources from over fifty years of preaching, which include theological input from Lydia Harder, to address how we can talk – and even preach – about sex.

ISBN (pbk) 978-1-990827-07-5

218 pages

March 3, 2024

$27.95 CAN / $24.95 USD

READER COMMENTS: “He is such a gifted Bible storyteller/interpreter. The creation stories and other OT stories came alive for me like never before. Hosea and Gomas, I think, likening us to Gomas, brought me to tears. I learned so much through his understanding of sexuality – the humanness, the honesty of telling their own story/relationship, through struggles and crisis was heartening. It was a gift to read it.” Jeanette Seiling, Bethel Mennonite Church Carol Penner (from Foreword): "…fascinating, instructive and still resonates with issues we face today… Some of the sermons made me gasp at their straightforward denunciation of patriarchy… For a book that talks about brokenness, there was a lot of joy bubbling up as well." “… a compelling exploration of the complexities surrounding human sexuality, power dynamics, and spiritual intimacy. … courageously addresses the often taboo subjects of love, sex, abuse, and power …. Its insightful, prophetic, and pastoral approach provides a meaningful contribution to the conversation on sexuality, offering hope and healing to those navigating these intricate aspects of human life.” Hyung Jin (Pablo) Kim Sun, Mennonite Pastor and Senior Leader for Anti-Racism and Intercultural Conciliation, Christian Reformed Church

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