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A Story


Founded in 2012 for the purpose of publishing a children’s book on Mennonites in the War of 1812, during the COVID pandemic, the publisher was approached by several authors who were interested in developing titles for publication. Initially, with a focus on Erwin Wiens’ To Antoine, and then featuring the translation of Fernando Enns’ major study, Ecumenism and Peace, the press also serves as a means to provide academic translations of historical sources, many of which were in the process of being developed over several years.



The press welcomes inquiries about projects of various types, especially submissions of scholarly and creative works, as well as curriculum resources for young and old. Although not narrowly conceived, the main categories in development include:

  • historical-theological works,

  • scholarly and literary works in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition,

  • eco-justice-oriented writings in various genres, which are geared toward pedagogy and spirituality.

Publishing Model

Operating through major booksellers, independent stores and online through print-on-demand, Gelassenheit aims to provide readers and scholars with quality literature, both paperbacks and ebooks at a modest price. Not all books will be available online or in store, so please inquire by email if distribution or availability does not meet your needs. 

The Name: What’s a Gelassenheit?

It’s not the sound of one hand clapping, or the blindside of a tree falling in the forest. It will be the subject of future posts. Guest insights and submissions are welcome!

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