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Gary Harder's health

Book release: Preaching Sex: On Love, Intimacy, Power, Abuse 

by Gary Harder with Lydia Neufeld Harder

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2024

#PreachingSex @Gelassenheitpub 

ISBN: 978-1-990827-07-5 (paperback)

$24.95 USD / $27.95 CAD

We are deeply saddened and still in shock at Gary Harder's stroke and subsequent diagnosis of advanced cancer. Needless to say, the plans for a book launch and any speaking events have all been cancelled. 


There was a lot of joy that shaped this book, and despite the sadness of this season for Gary, Lydia and family, they support the release of the book at this time. Gary has seen the book as a gift to the church and a way to ignite discussion around sexuality in the church.

See READER RESPONSE below for our suggestions on how people can engage each other about #PreachingSex. 



IN-STORE/DIRECT: There are currently only three locations where the books can be purchased in person. They are now taking pre-orders and will soon have books in stock, and books will be made available as soon as they arrive, even before the release date: 

-Waterloo (WordsWorth)

-Winnipeg (CommonWord)

-Niagara/St Catharines (Gelassenheit - publisher direct). 

Outside of those regions, for Canadian orders of 3 copies or less, please contact CommonWord. For orders of 4 or more copies, please contact stating the quantity and address where they can be shipped (quantity discounts will apply). 

Any independent retailer can also order a copy of the book with the title and ISBN.

ONLINE RETAILERS: Books can soon be purchased through online retailers. While this is practical for many people, those who can purchase more directly are encouraged to do so, to better support the independent publisher and retailer industries.

EBOOK: You can buy the ebook directly on the publisher's website.


You are encouraged to find or create an in-person discussion group, and to join others who want to share comments and insights on the topic of the Bible and sexuality. We would like to keep the public discussion of the book focused on the topic and not on Gary's health. We ask that any personal tributes be sent privately to his family.

You are especially encouraged to post comments about the book on the following forums: 

-GoodReads (link will appear 

-Facebook and Instagram (@gelassenheitpub), with the hashtag #PreachingSex. 

Of course, if you purchase the book online, you're certainly encouraged to leave a star-review and comments on those sites too.

Book orders
(4 or more copies - discounts apply)

Please state the quantity of books and mailing address and we will reply with the cost of shipping and to confirm the applicable discount.

For a limited time, NO SALES TAX will be applied, and discounts will apply as follows: 

4-7 copies: 10% discount

8-9 copies: 20% discount

10+ copies: 20% discount and free shipping within continental North America.

Thanks for submitting!

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